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Voted “Best Soccer Program for Kids” (2017, 2018, & 2019), Soccer Kids NYC uses a distinctive, fun, and high energy approach to teaching all kids the fundamentals of soccer! The coaches use a unique and playful style to engage all of the students in the class. The coaches describe and model the age-appropriate drills which may consist of running, jumping, zig-zagging, crawling, and much more fun obstacles. Our key focus is touches-on-the ball (the more touches the better). All drills are uniquely designed by the coaches and have a “game” purpose that builds on individual skills as the players progress. Students are able to play scrimmage games against each other in order to put in practice the learned skills. The class follows a high-energy paste, but allows our kids plenty opportunities for water breaks, then back-to-work! Our trained professional coaches are able to engage, develop trust, and modify (up/down/across) each unique drill to each child’s specific needs. Our children are able to learn the fundamentals, increase their overall physical fitness level and their social and emotional levels. There is a low coach-to-student ratio (1:4) in order to maintain quality. Additionally classes are kept small to insured quality for the best possible experience. Which we guarantee! During outdoor (spring/summer/fall) seasons, the players are encourage to attend as many classes as their schedule allows, as long as the classes are listed as “open” and are the same age group (families must e-mail or call the office 917-655-5437). Our older players and young players with appropriate skill-levels are encouraged to join our Internal Soccer League (SMART KIDS NYC).


Offers a fun and high energy birthday party. The soccer party drills are designed around a birthday party theme. It provides the birthday girl/boy the opportunity to shine in front of his/her friends. The Soccer Party is inclusive in that all kids are able to actively participate, move, laugh, jump, kick, complete obstacle courses, have a ‘moment to shine’ and receive a fun soccer award/price at the end. The Soccer Party Includes: 60 minutes of soccer Age appropriate drills $199 for up to 10 Kids | Additional kids are only $15 each. Birthday Boy/Girl is free Party favor for all kids.


Soccer Party Does Not include facility or food fee.


Our Approach:
Soccer Kids NYC provides a fun, age-appropriate enrichment program for day-cares, preschools and elementary schools. Soccer Kids NYC’s enrichment program is an inclusive and aims at covering all aspects of student development including physical, communication, social-emotional and cognition. Soccer can increase aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, lower body fat, improve muscle tone, build strength, increase flexibility and build endurance. Practicing jumping, running, sprinting, turning and kicking assists in the development of a child’s coordination (i.e. hand-eye, foot-eye). Student benefits  translate on to the classroom setting. Not being outweigh by the physical or cognitive benefits of soccer, our soccer drills are designed to increase a child’s concentration, determination and self- discipline. In addition, our drills teach children to share, take turns, lead, listen and communicate. We encourage every one of our players to get involved so that they become more confident in their ability and increase their self-esteem. Soccer Kids NYC has a 100% retention rate with all schools that have introduced our soccer program to the students and families! To top it up, Soccer Kids NYC is affordable!

We Got It!
Our trained coaches do all the work. We provide all the equipment, set-up, clean-up, etc. Each Participant receives our Sky-Blue Soccer Kids NYC t-shirt. At the end of the season, kids receive their well-earned Soccer Kids NYC medal.

You Decide!
We provide our Principals/Directors/Athletic Directors with the ability to call the shots! You get to decide when you want the program to start, where, for how long (5 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, etc.) and the frequency of the program. The program can be structure in multiple ways with the goal of making Soccer Kids NYC’s enrichment or after school program a WIN for the students, the parents, and the school.

Spreading the Word!
It’s no secret that our program is considered the best skills-building soccer program for kids in Queens. Our feedback and retention rate are amazing. All THANKS TO OUR COACHES. Bringing our program in to your school creates greater visibility for your school. This is great for outreach purposes. Additionally if preferred by the school, we can link your school on to our parent portal for all of our local families to see. We create flyers needed to spread the word and even provide a free-trial class for your kids.

Safety First:
Our program is fully insured and follows DOE-liability insurance regulations. Our program will list your organization as additionally insured for peace of mind.



  • Please include relevant medical information in writing with child’s online application
  • All children must be supervised (not a drop-off program)
  • No food or drinks (only water) during class time
  • Children who wear glasses must use shatterproof eye-wear at all times
  • Children must wear sneakers in class
  • No soccer cleats
  • Although shin-guards are not required, we recommend that all kids who are age 4 and up wear them to class
  • For insurance and liability reasons, ONLY registered kids can be on the field. All other children are not allowed on the field and must be supervised by an adult


  • Soccer Kids NYC guarantees a full refund minus $30 of insurance and administrative fee (100% Refund – $30 = guaranteed refund before week 3 of any season)
  • No refunds are provided After Week 3
  • A parent who wishes to withdraw from Soccer Kids NYC must notify Soccer Kids NYC (917) 655-5437 no less than 24 hours before the 3rd class of the season
  • If parent fails to notify office before the 3rd week, no refund request will be accepted
  • No refunds for missed classes
  • Make-up sessions for missed classes are allowed during the season except for first and final week. Soccer Kids NYC must be notified about make-ups
  • Soccer Kids NYC reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In the event this happens, you may choose a different class, or receive a complete refund
  • All outstanding balances must be paid in order to enroll for a new season.
    If you believe there may be an error in your account, please contact the office immediately in order to resolve any potential discrepancies.
  • Soccer Kids NYC has sole discretion to determine if a class should be canceled due to weather. Families will be contacted via email and an announcement will be available at

Questions on this ? No problem! Contact us at: (917) 655-5437 or email:


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